To let the marble which is a gift of nature to human beings to take place in projects that touch and inspire life. To be in an eort to do more for nature in the face of its generosity. To get the satisfaction of the skateholders involved in all processes of From this special natural stone removal process, the to get the satisfaction of the stakeholders involved in all the processes until the meeting with the projects. Marble to our living areas to work and produce more and more with the awareness of value.


To analyze foreseeable and far future of natural stone industry well with the nancial and managerial competence of 30 years left behind, and with the pride of achieving success and targets.,and to invest in technology and people in this direction. To be the source of inspiration for the sector with solutions and to be the marble rm that determines arguments in global market on behalf of our country which is ranked rst in the global reserve.


  • To have a clear vision of the future,
  • Based on professionalism in management,
  • To add value to its investors with its quality continuity and innovative solutions,
  • To ensure the integration of developments in modern technology at every stage of production,
  • To develop accurate and ecient marketing and sales strategies that will benet all stakeholders,
  • To create qualied sta in production with systematic trainings.
  • To ensure the continuity of product quality with the inspections and controls carried out at every stage of production.
  • To be aware of the obligation to give back to nature more than what it receives from nature,


By giving value to human and nature,Yüce Marble fullls its responsibility in the face of the generosity of nature by taking part in many social responsibility projects . Aorestation and landscaping projects are carried out with precision and no liability is avoided hereof. In the name of protection and continuity of natural life, large amount of tree were planted with the cooperation of administrative authority.