Having left 30 years behind, Yüce marble is a leading company that directs the sector with its quarries, production capacity, modern technology and visionary management style. 5 marble quarries located in Bursa, Bilecik and Isparta have an annual production over 400 thousand tons Product quality, high production quantity, rapid mobility and innovative approach have allowed it to have a feature that determines the trends. Taking part in major projects in many countries of the World ,Yüce Marble marble has the process of quarrying and selling the marble that is directed with the Professional team. Yüce Marble is progressing rapidly to become a leading company in the World natural stone industry wit its qualied personnel, marketing and sales team dominating international markets,strong managerial sta aiming to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

By giving importance to quality ,Yüce Marble organizes weekly and monthly training programs for its employees,provides the working environment suitable for work safety and uses new generation technology in production. Up to present , all these qualities have added value to the investor and have ensured the customer loyalty. Slabs, tiles and sized products are being cut with near zero fallacy in the factory equipped with Italian machines located in Gemlik.

Increasing its cutting capacity every day, Yüce Marble oers new generation solutions to the sector. It provides planting trees for all projects with the sensitivity to the society and the environment and the sensitivity to the richness of nature. Yüce marble has been involved in many social responsibility projects for the protection of natural life until today.

With its experience from the past, its position in the sector, its integration into international markets, its success in the evaluation of the sectoral developments and opportunities; Yüce Marble is a brand that is respected and trusted with its success and right investments and will be the locomotives of the international natural stone industry.